Economic Empowerment


Building relationships, changing lives.

We envision businesses led by Peace Promise that create opportunities for the women we serve. Change Purse and Soaps By Survivors are just the beginning of our economic empowerment vision. The women we serve possess unlimited potential. Through employment opportunities that are safe, rewarding and provide financially for their families, they are equipped to pursue futures filled with freedom and dignity.

Economic Empowerment

Soaps by Survivors

Soaps by Survivors is a God-breathed opportunity of hope for those caught in the grips of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. They offer survivor made natural bath and beauty products with all proceeds going directly to Peace Promise to aid in supporting those we serve.

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Change Purse

Retiring Peace Promise Initiative


Change Purse was a fundraising initiative created by 3 stay at home moms with a passion bring hope to those exploited in the commercial sex industry through funding provided by the resale of gently used donated purses. 100% of the proceeds supported faith-based organizations, including Peace Promise, who are fighting the war on sexual exploitation. Change Purse was the sister organization to Peace Promise and provided funds for many of the emergency services offered to the women we have assisted.

Peace Promise Community,

Change Purse has been a blessing and essential to the success and growth of Peace Promise over the last 11 years. We are writing today to share that we have made the thoughtful decision to invest our resources in other avenues that will provide greater opportunities for economic empowerment for the women we serve.
Our ministry has grown and we are preparing to invest heavily in Soaps By Survivors and other industries that will enable the women we serve opportunities for economic empowerment. During our strategic planning process, it became clear that some of the things we were doing needed to be pruned in order for our best plans to thrive. In our early days, Change Purse was exactly what we needed. It was a place of connection and gave us ample opportunities to raise awareness. And many of us benefited from some great purses!
We end this chapter with a heart of gratitude for the many people we have encountered along the way. Our volunteers have been the backbone and heart of Change Purse. We say goodbye to Change Purse knowing it's the best decision for us at this time and with tremendous gratitude and for years of service and many friendships that will remain.
Our final “everything must go” parking lot sale is happening on April 24th at Mechanicsburg Brethren in Christ Church to clear our remaining supplies and inventory.
In closing, thank you. Change Purse has been such a gift to Peace Promise and so many others throughout the years and we hope you continue to be part of our community.
Thank you!

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