Why Industry?

Founded in 2008, Peace Promise understands the unique and complex problem of trafficking. Unlike Hollywood's depictions of abducted women, trafficking often looks much less like a gun to the head than an exploitation of vulnerabilities. Finding gainful employment is one of the largest vulnerabilities our women face. Many of the women whom we serve:

  • ...have a criminal record. The US judicial system has miles to go in recognizing the nuance between prostitution and trafficking. Unfortunately, this leaves many victims trapped without the hope of other employment. Traffickers, of course, exploit this.
  • ... are still learning job skills having never worked outside the sex industry. Many came from broken homes where even basic life skills are a learning process.
  • ...are still overcoming the trauma of being trafficked. Having on-site guidance and support allows them to learn job skills while healing and can be life-changing.

Lack of employment opportunities are a large contributing factor to why many women never escape. Providing economic empowerment can change a future.


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