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220 in 2020 - Join Us Today

2020 is going to be another year of extreme growth for Peace Promise.

Our goal is to add an additional 220 Hope Givers to our organization by the end of 2020. This will help us cover major costs to run the organization each month and create growth and stability for us as we continue to grow.


Peace Promise Volunteer Opportunities

How can you help?

Peace Promise has volunteer opportunities for all time and talents. Contact us today to see where you can aid in our fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Educate. Take Action. Make an Impact.

Peace Promise seeks to impact our hyper-sexualized culture with messages of healthy sexuality and humanizing the people being exploited through pornography, stripping, and prostitution.   We speak in schools, on college campuses, at churches, and to community groups. Too often the women we care for so deeply are objectified body parts to users and buyers. We bring these stories of real people to those we seek to educate because we believe everyone has a role to play in shifting our culture.


Our Mission

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