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Giving Tuesday 2019

Giving Tuesday began in 2012 when two organizations came together to celebrate the spirit of generosity. Earmarked as the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving and the day following Cyber Monday, this year’s Facebook event takes place on Tuesday, December 3rd.

This year Peace Promise is reaching out to partner with the community. Banding together we can have a greater reach than ever before.

Peace Promise is looking for local businesses and establishments to partner with us this Giving Tuesday. Learn more about the benefits of partnering by clicking the link below.

Committed Peace Promise Partners


Marj Swartz Thrive


Educate. Take Action. Make an Impact.

Peace Promise seeks to impact our hyper-sexualized culture with messages of healthy sexuality and humanizing the people being exploited through pornography, stripping, and prostitution.   We speak in schools, on college campuses, at churches, and to community groups. Too often the women we care for so deeply are objectified body parts to users and buyers. We bring these stories of real people to those we seek to educate because we believe everyone has a role to play in shifting our culture.


Our Mission

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