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Giving Tuesday 2020 is Quickly Approaching!

December 1, 2020 | Facebook

We need your help, now more than ever.

Peace Promise is looking for local businesses and establishments to partner with us this Giving Tuesday. Click Learn More below to learn about the benefits of partnering or contact us directly for more information.

2020 Peace Promise Partnerships

Peace Promise has partnerships with local business around the Central Pennsylvania region. Here are some of our committed partners for 2020.

Ebersole Remodeling

Founded by Jeff Ebersole back in 2015, Ebersole Remodeling has established itself as one of the fastest growing and reliable providers of remodeling, focused on kitchens and bathrooms. We provide professional renovation and installation services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.

Ebersole Remodeling

COR Construction Services, Inc. provides excellence in Commercial, Industrial, Medical, and Residential construction and full service contracts for your facility needs.

J.P. Wolfe Insurance

JP Wolfe Insurance is a family owned insurance agency serving the Central Pennsylvania community. Our dynamic team has over 150 years of combined insurance experience. We are dedicated to protecting the things in life that are most important to you, while providing you with outstanding customer service.

Roland Builder's

Roland Builder prides itself on building homes of exceptional quality and impeccable design. It is this standard of excellence and commitment to quality that home buyers have come to expect when they want the best.

Red Rock Landscape

Red Rock Landscape, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company that has served the greater Harrisburg area since 2001.From installing pavers, to planting, to outdoor lighting, to landscape curbing, Red Rock handles a lot of services that can help transform and maintain a client’s home or business.

Mechicsburg Brethren in Christ Church

Mechanicsburg Brethren in Christ church has been a committed in-kind partner to Peace Promise for years. They graciously provide a space for many of our events.


Peace Promise

Recovering Hope and Stregthening Lives

Since 2008 Peace Promise has been fighting locally to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation in our community.
Relationships are built through our outreach programs. Forever support and unconditional love are poured into our training programs. We strive to provide education and raise awareness to the entire community. Peace Promise continues to provide endless opportunities for the women we serve.

COVID-19 in Central, PA

Though the women we serve are scattered throughout every community in central Pennsylvania, there is one constant.  They need our help, and they need HOPE.  They need to pay for groceries, they need to pay rent, and they need their cell phones on to stay safe.  We need your continued financial support to make these things happen.  Would you consider becoming a committed monthly HOPE Giver now so we can ensure continued support to the women exploited in the commercial sex industry through this time and into a new brighter future?

Click here to read Sasha’s story and see how the expanded unemployment and the stimulus checks are either not available to her or have obstacles for her to overcome before she receives any assistance.


Peace Promise Volunteer Opportunities

How can you help?

Peace Promise has volunteer opportunities for all time and talents. Contact us today to see where you can aid in our fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Our Mission

Committed Peace Promise Partners


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