Help Us To Set The Captives Free


Beyond prayer, ministry at Peace Promise consists of awareness, prevention, outreach, and restoration. We raise awareness and aid prevention in a variety of different events and venues. For the people already caught up in the industry, we reach out and offer the healing and restoration that God provides.

 ​Precious Oaks

Our outreach arm of ministry is called Precious Oaks and is led by one of the most gifted and anointed relationship builders we have ever known. Patty has a very special skill set and calling for connecting with people. She has a heart to connect with, know, and love every person she meets. For more than two years, Patty has been leading small teams into strip clubs in Harrisburg to make connections with women who strip and prostitute or are being prostituted. Several of the sixty-plus women being ministered to have come out of the industry altogether and are receiving skilled care through The Well. Several more are in the process of coming out and are receiving help with life skills, education, tutoring, mentoring, and practical support. Precious Oaks is currently ministering in the clubs weekly and plans to expand into other clubs in the region and to street prostitution as God leads. The women we meet in the clubs are our sisters and often tell us that women in other local clubs need what we have to offer. They are our biggest encouragers as we grow this ministry.

 ​The Well

The Well is our restoration arm. Currently we are working as an all-volunteer organization using church facilities for meetings and to provide services. As we grow and raise funds, we will employ leaders and rent or buy a facility dedicated to the healing and restoration of the people we are helping. For now we are providing transportation, counseling, life skills, prison support, and practical support to women who have been exploited in the commercial sex industry and are taking steps to leave it. Leaving is a process that requires ever-increasing levels of awakening and lots of care and support. As our programs expand, we intend to work with law enforcement on a pre-court diversion program for people being prostituted. We also have a call to work with the demand side of the commercial sex trade through pornography addiction recovery and “john” schools. 

Our Friends

There are countless organizations God has raised up in the fight against human trafficking. Each serves a particular purpose in the battle. The following are organizations we feel an affinity with and support in a variety of ways.

Change Purse

We love Change Purse. They are a sister organization to us. One of the Peace Promise founders is also a founder of Change Purse. In their first year, they raised $25,000 to give to anti-trafficking organizations. They are vibrant, trendy, and God-fearing. Consider inviting them to an event.

Soaps by Survivors​

​Soaps by Survivors is a God breathed opportunity of hope for those caught in the wreckage of sexual exploitation.  We offer a 100% survivor made product line of all natural bath & beauty products.  All proceeds go directly to Peace Promise to support the ones we serve.

 Exodus Cry

Exodus Cry has spurred us on in the area of prayer. We began as prayer warriors and believe so strongly in the power of prayer. This organization has history, vision, humility, and fruitfulness. We love what God has called them to and the way they inspire and empower others along the way, especially as it relates to prayer. We join them on Monday nights to focus on international prayer efforts. Please join Exodus Cry each week for the City in Focus. We also highly recommend their films, attending their annual Abolition Summit, and we encourage everyone to be inspired by them. 

On Eagles Wings Ministries

OEWM has given us courage and inspiration to move toward a walk-in center in Pennsylvania. They have two safe houses in North Carolina, serving ages 12 to 25. They , too, conduct strip club outreach and outbound calls to females posing as escorts but are often victims of sex trafficking. Many have been rescued and healed because of this organization. We feel a kindred spirit with them because the founder, Emily Fitchpatrtick shares a similar story to our own and because they rely on the power and grace of God exclusively as they work in this ministry. 

Shores of Grace Ministries

Shores of Grace is a worship and missionary ministry headquartered in Brazil and led by Nic and Rachel Billman. Their focus is on setting those in prostitution free and walking them through restoration. They are taking the love of the Father to the poor and the broken and helping them see their true value. Shores is also equipping and serving the church in Brazil.

Not In My Back Yard

NIMBY is a grassroots organization dedicated to ending human trafficking in our own back yards and beyond. NIMBY partners with law enforcement, legislators, and abolitionists to alleviate the suffering of those victimized by trafficking. Bethany Woodcock and her husband Robert are tireless workers in God’s Kingdom. Their passion is to do all that they can to help eradicate human trafficking in their spheres of influence and to equip others to do the same.