About Us

We are a committed group of people called by God to help in the fight against human trafficking. Not special people at all. We’re the folks down the street from you. Living around the corner. People like those you might see in the grocery store. Or sitting nearby in a pew on Sunday morning in church. Ordinary people.
We believe this fight, at the most basic level, is about bringing the Light of God into the darkness of human trafficking. This horror exists where God is not invited to rule and reign.
In our human abilities, we are not qualified for the work we do. We take one step at a time in the call from God, not in our own strength but in His. We are committed to bringing glory to Jesus Christ, committed to serving Him with humility, integrity, and generosity. We know that we cannot “do it all” and we are not perfectionists. Our stage of life necessitates that we spend time with our families and we do that with great joy. We cannot solve this problem ourselves; only God can. And He has called many people to this task, to bring comfort, relief, and rescue to those who suffer in this horror. We simply take the task in front of us or minister to the person in front of us and give it our all in the moment. God has been gracious to us by unfolding the work and vision of Peace Promise a little at a time. We fully embrace the day-to-day journey we are on.

Our Story

In 2007, a Dateline/NBC special on sex trafficking aired and our Founder Emeritus, Lindsey Flanagan, was powerfully moved. She spent the next year praying and working to open the eyes of those close to her. Our church small group embraced this call with Lindsey and Peace Promise was born. Since then we have spent hundreds of hours praying for God Almighty to move. We have been given opportunities to speak to groups and have facilitated larger awareness events in our area. We have visited local truck stops in the middle of the night to pray and have seen God move in those prayers. In 2011, we sent a small team to Pattaya, Thailand, to meet anti-trafficking organizations and to bless them financially. Today we are leading exploited workers out of the sex industry and into a new life. While we haven’t come from a background of sex-trafficking, many of us share various forms of sexual abuse and sexual brokenness in our personal stories. The love and grace of Jesus Christ and a journey of healing has restored purity and hope to us and we believe the same is available for those who right now have no hope. The founders of Peace Promise have all been trained in Formational Prayer at Ashland Theological Seminary and have worked in the ministry of bringing God’s healing to others.

Our Mission

First and foremost, we are a prayer movement. We believe that we partner with God in prayer to impact the world. We are called to increase awareness about the horrors of human trafficking in the general, and the exploitation of people in the sex industry in particular. We are engaging in this battle at the local level through serving people currently being exploited in the sex industry. Rescue and restoration is happening today.  We provide counseling, life skills advice, resume writing and interview skill development, practical and financial help, and legal services. A walk-in center is in our future to expand what we can offer.  We’re addressing  awareness and prevention in the form of community outreach and education. Where we can, we raise funds for other anti-trafficking groups and link arms and shields in battle.
Our Priorities:
1. We are crazy about the person of Jesus Christ and believe in His transforming power.
2. We are a prayer movement dedicated to the abolition of sex slavery and the exploitation of people caught in the sex industry.
3. We are aggressively committed to raising awareness in the general population and believe that there is a sociological tipping point.
4. We believe that we have a walk-in center in our future, but we are working where God has called us right now, using resources he has provided.
5. We  freely give to other organizations engaged in the fight when and where we can.
6. We desire to have an open, supportive, working relationship with other anti-trafficking organizations.

Who We Are    The Founders 

Joe and Susan Vigliano…love the Lord with all their heart and have devoted their lives to serving Him. They have three children at home and two who are married. Prayer is first and foremost in their lives. They launched a website devoted to prayer in 2006, Focus on Prayer. Susan is the Associate Pastor of Mechanicsburg Brethren in Christ Church (McBic). Joe is a leader in formational prayer and men’s ministry at McBic. He home-schools their two youngest children and is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction. He coordinates communication for Peace Promise.
Andy and Krista Dollman…have a heart for their community and strive to serve people, particularly those in their neighborhood. They have gifts of encouragement, exhortation, and leadership. Krista raises their four children at home. In addition to her work with Peace Promise, she is co-founder of the non-profit organization Change Purse, a unique endeavor active in the fight against human trafficking. She is a former special education teacher and has completed coursework toward a graduate degree in counseling. She is also a trained facilitator in Formational Prayer.  Andy is an attorney who provides legal counsel to Peace Promise and Change Purse.  He also provides key legal services to people being served by Peace Promise and Change Purse. Both Andy and Krista are former church youth leaders who today serve as teachers, prayer team members, and in children’s ministry at McBic.

 Who We Are                     The Team

Patty Seaman…and her husband Jason pastor The Exchange in Wormleysburg. They are deeply committed to the broken and are anointed worshippers. While Patty is ministering inside strip clubs, Jason prays, covers, and stands guard outside the clubs. He occasionally brings his grill to the parking lot and feeds hungry stomachs while God ministers to hungry hearts. Patty carries a clear anointing for building relationships and she takes the love of God from the pew to the streets. She leads outreach for Peace Promise and will direct all client programs at The Well, our walk-in center.
Lana Exline…is a gifted musician, mother of two, and grandmother of two more. She has a deep, passionate relationship with God that led her to A Call to Abolition in 2012. Lana is a powerful prayer and sheds God’s tears for the broken. She initiated the I-81 Corridor prayer initiative along with the late Sharon Campbell Landis. Trained and working in the medical field, she is currently enrolled in seminary. Lana brings expertise and life experience in the areas of boundaries and abuse to the team and those we serve.